GALLERY Lowcountry

Thanks for "clicking' over!  I'll be quick with the introduction!

As a prior, successful Realty Agent, I became exceedingly frustrated with the lack of luxury advertising
that truly WORKED and truly BRANDED properly. Thus, just over 10 years ago, our first "Home GALLERY" was
born, and today, our highly acclaimed publication is the advertising home to the most widely recognized
companies and Agents of Pennsylvania!  

We are now dedicating a GALLERY to the Lowcountry!
Home GALLERY Real Estate of the Lowcountry is Launching May 1!

We don't do the sales pitch thing - the product, and our references, speak for itself -
That said, we realize we are a new product to the Lowcountry so we have listed some
key features below as to why Gallery actually works.  

A quick 20 minute meeting is all it takes!  Please click here and we will be in touch with you to
set up a convenient time.  Your company, and your business at least deserve to know what's about

I look forward to meeting you !

Sheryl Scholer







* Off the charts value!  We provide more, and It's why we work!  
* Direct Mailed to over 8,000 homes each and every month
* Personalized Direct Mail
* Gallery Caters to the upper end and Luxury Market
* GALLERY will be found EVERYWHERE!  It's how people know your name over and over!
* GALLERY is unlike any other product in the market!
* Unique Size and highest quality paper standards.  People do not throw Gallery away!
* In over 10 years, we have never lost a key Agent, because we work!